Air Ride
Autonomous Vehicle
ICN Airport

 Since 2021, Air Ride has been in operation at ICN Airport T2, offering travelers a smarter and more convenient way to get around the airport.
 Air Ride is equipped with state-of-the-art Lidar sensors that allow for safe and autonomous driving. Our team carefully positioned these sensors to provide the best data collection and ensure a smooth, stress-free ride for passengers. Ease of use was a key factor in the design of "Air Ride". We aimed to create a vehicle that would simplify the process of loading and unloading luggage, minimizing the effort required of passengers and making their journey as stress-free as possible. Safety was also a top priority in the design process. To protect people walking in the terminal, we created a form that is soft and rounded, giving "Air Ride" a friendly appearance while reducing the risk of injury in the unlikely event of an accident.

Air travel can be a headache, especially when you're trying to navigate the airport with heavy luggage. That's why we are excited to introduce "Air Ride", a next-generation autonomous vehicle designed to make terminal-to-terminal transportation easier and more comfortable than ever before.