High Order 2
Table Order Device

Common table-order devices were treated as just a piece of functional equipment as a substitute for servers. As a result, the joints between tablets, stands, and card readers, were poorly put together and the tangled cables and gaps between devices were mostly exposed. This had a negative impact on the customer experience. However High Order 2 can seamlessly embrace all types of batteries and card terminal devices, concealing multiple parts within its housing and presenting a sleek design. This minimalism enhances a pleasant user experience for customers and alleviates the staff’s burden of management.

Designing payment devices can be challenging to make a bold innovation, therefore, it is essential to have a deep understanding, empathy, and inclusiveness toward the existing payment system, business environment, and stakeholders. Through in-depth user research, we engaged in interviews and conducted on-site investigations to identify the issues and find practical solutions. By prototyping, we tested our hypothesis, and Hi-Order 2 was created achieving an innovation embracing various options maintaining a sleek design, easy installation, and recyclable cost-effective production.

High Order 2 is used in restaurants and cafes, making cleanliness and maintenance a top priority. In South Korea, all tablet payment devices come with external batteries and cables because it’s challenging to connect power constantly.

This complicated the form and structure of the device and made it practically impossible for non-IT professionals to handle the device meticulously.
High Order 2 maintains a battery replacement feature while offering a seamless design, making cleaning easy and minimizing gaps where dust can accumulate. This ensures a high level of completion and a hygienic experience.

Restaurant and cafe owners have been adding information for customers, such as new menu items, tablet usage instructions, restroom passcodes, and more, by pasting it to their table-order devices. This messed up the tables, making management more challenging and adversely affecting the overall customer experience negatively.

The customization board seamlessly integrated with High Order 2 effectively showcases essential information and enhances the visual aesthetics, contributing to a more pleasant dining environment.