Fire Extinguisher
SAMWOO Instrumnet. Inc. 

The design of ERIF-X takes into consideration the unique needs of vehicle fires. Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, which can be bulky and difficult to store in a car, this compact fire extinguisher can be easily stored in the glove box of your car  and accessed in an emergency.

ERIF-X features a safe pin that is secure, but also easy to remove in an emergency situation. This makes it easier to quickly and effectively put out a fire, without the need to struggle with the fire extinguisher itself. Additionally, the fire extinguisher uses a solid type aerosol, which allows it to maintain its compact size, making it easier to store and more convenient to use.

Another key feature of this new fire extinguisher is its ability to effectively extinguish vehicle fires. The solid type aerosol used in this fire extinguisher is designed to put out fires quickly and efficiently, without the need for a bulky and heavy fire extinguisher. This makes it easier for anyone to use, regardless of their level of experience or strength.