Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo clocks have long been a staple of traditional home decor, with their quaint and charming design capturing the hearts of many. However, despite their popularity, most cuckoo clocks still resemble a wooden house with a slanted roof. But what if we took a different approach to the design of the cuckoo clock, one that was inspired by the natural habitat of the bird that it is named after?

Home is a unique and stylish timepiece that brings a fresh perspective to this classic design. Unlike traditional cuckoo clocks, which are usually box-shaped, this clock takes on a cylindrical form, symbolizing the trunk of a tree.

The clock face is placed at the bottom of the cylinder, giving it a unique appearance compared to traditional cuckoo clocks which are typically mounted at eye level. By installing the clock relatively higher on the wall, it mimics the behavior of birds and creates a boundary between the clock and its surroundings.