Kids Electric Car
Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motors is proud to introduce a new addition to its lineup - the NEXO Kids Electric Car↗. Inspired by the company's commitment to a zero-emission future and its flagship hydrogen hybrid NEXO, this kids car is a miniature version that captures the essence of the real thing.

One of the key challenges of the design process was maintaining the proportions of the NEXO while adapting it for a smaller form factor. Despite the smaller size, the NEXO Kids Electric Car boasts many of the same design features as its larger counterpart. From its aerodynamic shape to its futuristic lighting, the kids car has been designed to look and feel like a real car.

The NEXO Kids Electric Car has been developed in two versions. The first version is an electric kids car that provides a fun and imaginative way for kids to play, while the second version is a smaller car that can be attached to a shopping cart for younger children.

Whether kids want to explore the open road or cruise around the living room, this electric car provides hours of entertainment. The NEXO Kids Electric Car is a testament to Hyundai Motors' commitment to innovation and its ability to bring exciting products to market.