Remote Hospitality
Mobile Cabin

The widespread use of social media and increasing number of low-cost airlines, over-tourism attracts too many tourists to specific areas which causes many side effects in the local community.

For example, well-known tourist attractions in local regions become overcrowded with too many tourists from all over the world, not only making local residents uncomfortable, but also destroying the local culture. Moreover, the indiscriminate development of accommodation such as hotel chains and resorts built by huge companies is constantly destroying the local environment. Furthermore, the social distance caused by COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the existence of traditional tourism and hospitality industries.

Due to these problems, a new travel system is required to maintain a sustainable tourism industry. As a result, we designed a mobile cabin that delivers drone to provide travelers with opportunities to stay in more diverse and unique locations where they have never been. In addition, this service not only gives a fresh experience to the travelers but also protects the local environment and society since the drone brings this cabin back to the city after the guests leave.


Step 1 :
First, A traveler selects the destination where he wants to leave through the map installed in an app before leaving the journey. This reservation service can also be linked with existing travel platforms such as Airbnb which already provided to customers

Step 2 :
Next, the cabin, stored in the nearest droneport to the traveler's designated location, is delivered to the destination by drone. (If the destination is too far from the droneport, they can use an airship to deliver).

Step 3 :
When the traveler arrives at the destination, the cabin is already delivered. So, the traveler can stay in the cabin immediately after completing a simple preparation process, such as unfolding, and leveling the cabin, etc.

Step 4 :
After the traveler finishes staying in this cabin, the drone will bring back the cabin and drop off to the droneport.