Autonomous Shopping Cart 

Emart, one of South Korea's largest retailers, has just revealed the world's first autonomous shopping cart, called Eli. Developed in collaboration with Emart's in-house innovation lab, S-Lab, Eli took six months to design and bring to life, overcoming many challenges along the way. The result of this effort is a cutting-edge shopping cart that reflects Emart's vision for the future of retail.

Eli is equipped with advanced technology, including AI, computer vision, obstacle avoidance sensors, and a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor. The LIDAR sensor, in particular, allows the cart to safely navigate through the store, avoiding obstacles and other customers, while keeping pace with its user. The cart can also be controlled by a smartphone app, giving customers the ability to call it to their location or send it to a designated area for easy access to their items.

With its built-in scanner, customers can quickly scan items and keep track of their purchases. The cart also includes a large display screen, providing access to product information and promotional offers. The integration of these features into Eli's design simplifies the shopping experience and offers a new level of convenience and efficiency.

The creation of Eli is a testament to Emart's commitment to innovation and its dedication to improving the shopping experience for its customers. The autonomous shopping cart not only makes shopping faster and more enjoyable, but it also sets a new standard for the future of retail. Emart plans to continue exploring new technologies and innovations to bring this vision to life.